Fabric Face Mask - Solid Black


Our fabric face masks are designed with all-day comfort in mind! These masks have a close fit around the nose, cheeks, and jaw but feature a deep face cup to allow plenty of room for talking. Adjustable fabric ties can be tied around the head or cut in half to create ear loops. 


  • 2 layers of prewashed 100% cotton fabrics
  • soft, knit fabric ties
  • pocket for filter material
  • removable, shapeable metal nose wire included
  • available in 3 sizes for the perfect fit


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Due to variation in supply availability, the color of the mask lining and/or color of the fabric ties may differ from the product photos.

Size Fits Height
Small child under 5' 
Medium teen/adult 5' to 5'9"
Large large adult 5'10" and over


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