My Persnickety Pets

Updated: 5 days ago

Everyone please meet my fur kids! They are a big part of the inspiration behind Persimmon Peak. Our pup especially likes to model my creations for me :)

The Crafter Cat

Marmalade (aka Marmie)

I rescued Marmie when she was a mere 6 weeks old and we've been inseparable ever since! She is now going on 12 and was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism; the new medicine seems to be helping though. Marmie loves naps, boxes, and naps in boxes. She also "helps" me in the studio by napping nearby or perching on the back of my chair. Does anyone have a Crafter Cat, always by your side for a project?

One Chill Kitty

Kiowa (like "Iowa" with a 'K')

My husband adopted Kiowa when she was about one year old. Apparently she was the only cat in the shelter who was interested in him, yowling loudly until he came over to save her. It's been 14 years since that day and she's still got quite a set of lungs. Given her world-class vocals and her love of water, we suspect she's part Maine Coon. Kiowa was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism earlier this year, but so far a diet change is all she's needed. 

The Zoom Goon

Balou (aka the Beluga Bear)

We adopted Balou 7 years ago from our local humane society. He was a wriggly 8-week-old pup who couldn't figure out the leash or stairs. Balou loves people, treats, and playtime. He also loves baking his bones in a sunspot and getting toweled off after a bath (he wanted me to make it clear, however, that he does NOT like the bath part). If he gets too excited (which is always) he lets off steam with a burst of zoomies, zig zags, and evasive maneuvers. He's a goon and we love him. 

🐾 I'd love to see your persnickety pets! Leave me a photo in the comments or share them with us on social media @persimmonpeak!

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